About Abby,

Abby Helander was born and raised in Sandpoint, Idaho, where both hard work and connectivity are valued. Abby’s parents owned the local Athletic Club for the entirety of her upbringing, where she spent most of her time building community and knowledge around leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Abby graduated from Sandpoint High School in 2009 and carried on to study at Cuesta Community College in San Luis Obispo, CA for 2 years. Abby was eventually drawn back to Boise State University to complete her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Sciences. For Abby, giving back to her local Sandpoint community was always the long term goal, thus transitioning to Boise put her one step closer to home. 

While living in Boise, Abby completed both her Yoga and Barre Teacher Trainings, where she then dedicated most of her time to assisting others on their holistic health journeys. In 2016, Abby moved back to Sandpoint and continued to teach fitness classes and serve as the General Manager of her family-owned fitness center. In late 2018, the Helander family sold their Athletic Club to the YMCA, in an effort to serve a broader range of the community in Sandpoint. 

Abby knew her next step from there was to pursue Real Estate, something in which she had always found interest in and knew it would be a beautiful way to continue building community in Sandpoint. Anyone who knows Abby knows that she would drop just about anything to be of service to a community member. She is dedicated, passionate, incredibly conscientious and by all means a community builder. For that very reason, it is to no surprise that Abby completed over 3.5 million dollars in Real Estate sales in her first 9 months as an Agent. The Sandpoint community is blessed to have someone as giving, driven and supportive as Abby Helander.